Friday, January 10, 2014


2012 - 2013 Update

Where have the last 18 months gone?  I have been so busy that this Blog has not been updated.  So here is some information about the last 18 months.

Problems arose, for different reasons, for both the Indian and the Algerian groups of teachers.  So although neither of the groups came from India or Algeria to the UK, the course advertised on the website drew the attention of someone in Egypt who successfully completed the course via Skype in August 2013.  A friend of hers is at present completing the same course, which in now on-line.  Others have shown an interest in the on-line course, so I look forward to working with them soon. I can only mark the work of 5 students each month, so enrol soon or you will miss out.

Between times, I have been working in India, Dubai and Abu Dhabi and have visited Harvard University (home of MI) in Boston, when attending a conference run by the International Biographical Centre, based in Cambridge, UK.

The Assessments for those wishing to upgrade to Higher Level Teaching Assistants has also taken up some of my time when I have been in the UK, as has the work involved in transferring the on-site course to an on-line course.  This course is at

2014 has begun and various opportunities seem to be on the horizon.  I will update you when they are confirmed.

Meanwhile I hope 2014 brings you too many exciting opportunities.  I wish you all the best for 2014.

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