Thursday, March 01, 2007


Assessment of Teaching Assistants

When not overseas, I continue to visit schools in the UK assessing teaching assistants to ensure that they meet the standards required to take on the position of Higher Level Teaching Assistants and the responsibilties, which include teaching responsibilties, that come with this status.
The standard is high and many of these people are already making a very worthwhile contribution to their schools. Some wish to go on to become fully qualified teachers themselves.


Introductory Workshops on Multiple Intelligences

I have now visited India three times in the last six months to run workshops, introducing teachers to the concept of multiple intelligences and showing them how they can plan for their pupils' different intelligences in their classrooms.

The December visit took us to:

The February visit has taken us to:

More is planned and future consultancy may be possible, depending on availablity.

Warm thanks go to all the schools who have hosted these workshops and provided accommodation, often on site at the boarding schools.


All inland travel and organisational arrangements were made by The Achievers' Programme in India to whom I am greatly indebted.

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