Friday, June 13, 2008


Publications in 2008


I have had articles published in the following journals this year.

Education World - February 2008 - Developing Multiple Intelligences

Teacher Plus - March 2008 - Bringing Multiple Intelligences into the Classroom

Monday, June 09, 2008


Five weeks in India - March /April 2008


Visit 6
Travelling by overnight train, planes and taxis, I covered very many miles.

My first school was:
The Aditya Birla Public School - Renusaga (a very different setting from other schools I have visited, as the school provides for the community that serves the coal mine and electricity plant in this quite remote area. A five and a half hour taxi drive from the airport at Varanasi began this visit.)

From here I went on to run a two-day workshop in Bal Bharti School - New Delhi.

Then to Chandigarh to carry out Parent Consultations and enjoy a family Multi-Faith festival weekend with friends. A wonderful drive up the Morni Hills near Chandgarh to Tikar Tall Lake, celebrations in the Nadha Sahid Gurdwara and Christ Church - The Church of North India, and a dinner party with friends are among many happy memories.

Back to SunCity World School in Gurgaon to run a one day workshop - I had visited the school before, and was interested to hear about the progress they are making in multiple intelligences planning.

From there to Delhi Public School in Jalandhar for a two day workshop. On the way back from here I was honoured to visit a family involved with renovation historical buildings in the village of Ladhran. This is such a worthwhile project as historical buildings cannot be saved once lost. They need all the help that can be offered them.

Daly College - Indore kindly invited be back for a second time, to observe lessons and provide written feedback, and were kind enough to arrange for me to stay four nights at their guest house in wonderful surroundings.

Then to Bangalore to contribute to the TAIAI Conference for Teachers and Middle Management. I was indeed honoured to be invited to take part.

And lastly a third visit to Springdale - Amritsar - for four days, to carry out classroom observations and general education consultancy.

Back to Chandigarh to meet a fellow International Education Consultant and compare notes on what we each offer in our workshops, and then time for one more unexpected pleasure - a weekend at Bishop Cotton School in Shimla, somewhere I have wanted to visit since I first came to India. Another pestigious school in a wonderful setting, up in this Himalyan hill station. Thank you so much for having me to stay as your guest.

Another truly amazing visit, with so many friends and colleagues now across the country. Thank you all for your continued kindness and hospitality.

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